Interfaith Caregivers

The seeds for Interfaith Caregivers were planted in 1990, when founder and retired physician Joan Gault became disturbed when an older colleague who could no longer drive wasn’t able to attend a professional meeting. “When I retire,” she thought to herself, “I’d like to do something about that.”

Setting out to meet the needs of isolated senior citizens, Dr. Gault elicited support from Haddonfield churches and community groups, formed a Board of Trustees, and organized the first training session for volunteers. In its first year of operation, Interfaith Caregivers served 80 clients with the help of 62 volunteers. While Caregivers has evolved quite a bit from its grass roots beginnings over the years – it now employs an executive director and serves over 400 clients through a corps of nearly 400 volunteers – its basic mission of neighbors helping neighbors through simple kindnesses hasn’t changed

From the beginning, Caregivers has relied on community support and volunteers to provide basic free-of-charge services – transportation, shopping and companionship – that enable residents who are elderly or disabled to remain independent. And from the beginning, Interfaith Caregivers has thrived, thanks to the generosity and good will of the community.

As the client list has continued to grow these past several years, the Board of Trustees has grown as well, becoming more diverse and assuming more responsibility for fund development, public relations, and long range planning.

Today, Interfaith Caregivers operates from the small historic house behind Haddonfield’s Borough Hall. It receives financial support from houses of worship, foundations, local service organizations, individuals, and the Borough of Haddonfield. The office is staffed by volunteers and four paid employees: the full-time executive director, service coordinator and administrative assistant, and a part-time social worker. The office is open from 9:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday to facilitate matches between clients and volunteers. To ensure efficient operations, clients requesting services are asked to schedule services at least one week in advance.

Check out the Interfaith Caregivers website here.