Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School Classes

Sunday School classes for all ages start at 9 a.m. each Sunday. We offer an innovate, hand-on program for kids that is always fun!

  • Crib – 2 year olds ~ Room 121
  •  3 and 4 Year Olds ~ Room 210
  •  Kindergarten ~ Room 209
  • 1st Grade ~ Room 213
  •  2nd/3rd Grades ~ Room 215
  •  4th/5th Grades ~ Room 216
  •  6th – 8th Grades ~ Room 304
  •  9th – 12th Grades ~ Fellowship Hall (10:30 am)


The curriculum for 1st – 5th grades involves both class time and rotation (Art, Drama & Video) classes.

Junior and Senior High students are offered Bible study with interactive discussion and life application.

Third grade students receive their own Bibles after a “Bible Class” that is offered in February. For more information, contact Leslie Robinson at


Kids Club Flyer

Kids Club Flyer

Adult Sunday School Classes

Emmaus Class ( Sunday morning, 9 a.m.)

Mary Louise Lavery, leader

  • The Emmaus Sunday School class meets on Sunday morning in room 303. Our class has recently focused on contemporary issues confronting the church, our faith and our lives. The discussions, facilitated by Mary Louise Lavery, are often lively and provocative. The class is diverse, faith filled and supportive of one another. All are welcome to join us for stimulating conversations with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Stop by for a visit and see what happens!

  For more information, contact Mary Louise Lavery at


Koinonia Class (Sunday morning, 9 a.m.)

Rev. Dr. Bill McElwee and David Grayson, leaders

  • This class is an adult Sunday school class which meets in Felton Parlor. This is a Bible study facilitated by the Rev. Dr. Bill McElwee. We concentrate on completing the study of specific books of the Bible. Class discussion focuses not only on teaching and understanding the Word, but also on relating our study to our own personal faith and our personal spiritual journey. The class always welcomes new members as well as visitors. Please stop by and meet us…. All are invited.   For more information, contact David Grayson at


Sunday AM Small Group (Sunday morning, 9 a.m.)

Denis Van Name and Lee Price, leaders

  • This small group is a class that meets in room 306. This is an in depth study of scripture, book study, or topical studies. Different topics are lead by various members of the group. For more information, contact Denis Van Name at


Moms’ Group (Sunday morning, 10:30 a.m.) Room 303

Susannah Lavery Uris, leader

  • This group meets each week to discuss the ups and downs of raising a family. Discussion is usually based on a book, but reading the book is not necessary to attend the class and participate in the discussion. Join us in Room 303 after the 9 a.m. service. Childcare is available in Room 121. For more information, contact Susannah Uris at